Freedom wherever you are

Access credit to build the life you want - for your business, your home, and your family
Freedom wherever you are
Automation in decision making

Automation in decision making

To verify your identity, determine your creditworthiness and generate your credit score, we use a tool that allows us to make automated decisions
It reduces the risk of making an error, and allows to make lending decisions within a shorter period of time

100% Transparency

We are open and completely transparent. We adhere to the lending terms and always alert you in case of any changes
KSh 500 – KSh 70,000
Loan Amount
70 - 720 days
Loan Term
From 28% to 220.5%
Service fee
If the loan amount is KSh 5,000 , the loan term is 70 days (10 weeks) and interest rate is 1% per day. The fortnightly payment would be KSh 1,456.42. In total 5 payments will be made * KSh 1,456.42 = KSh 7,282. The total Interest would be KSh 7,282 - KSh 5,000 = KSh 2,282